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Categories: Mattresses


GRECO STROM - Unique Anatomic - Price is for 160x200cm

  • Available on all sizes , please ask us
  • Thermocool fabric

    THERMOCOOL fabric combines modern technology and comfort in fabric construction thanks to the temperature setting in any season. It prevents the feeling of cold when the temperature is low and keeps heat and moisture away when the temperature is high. Thanks to its hollow structure and special surface of fibers, THERMOCOOL fabric offers additional advantages combined in a single thread and meets the strictest hygiene standards as it provides additional antibacterial and antiparasitic protection.

    The fabric is produced as compliance to the specifications of the European OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100.

    • Dacron wad

    White wad with certified hypoallergenic properties from 100% polyester antibacterial fiber. It allows the internal ventilation of the mattress and removes moisture.

    • Inner microfoam HR

    High density foam layer for great flexibility, elasticity and uniformity, ensuring maximum performance of the mattress. Thanks to its slender shape allows air to circulate and causes excellent recovery.

    • Inner flex premium

    Foam material of advanced technology with its open cell structure allows air breathing inside the mattress while providing great elasticity, excellent recovery and durability even after years of use.

    • 7 multi zone latex layer

    Latex is a white, milky liquid that comes from the extracts of the Hevea brasiliensis tropical tree and is characterized by its unique flexibility and excellent restoration. Thanks to its seven different support zones it ensures an evenly distribution of body pressure during sleep. In this way, it promotes proper blood circulation in the spine and the limbs. Its numerous holes allow for optimum ventilation of the mattress, preventing the growth of microbes, fungi and mites, thus ensuring the best hygiene conditions.

    GRECO STROM guarantees the use of the best latex quality selected from controlled plantations and is strictly tested before and during the production process.

    • Flex layer premium

    Foam material of exceptional strength that promotes the uniformity of the mattress and helps to promote its anatomical behavior.

    • Flexcoat

    A highly flexible and durable three-dimensional material, which works as an excellent protection system for raw materials.

    • 7 zone pocket springs 500s

    A unit of individual springs type POCKET SPRINGS that are hosted separately in cloth pouches with 7 different support zones. The 7 different support zones combined with the specific height of the spring allow individual flexibility and provide maximum support. The barrel shape of the springs ensures noise avoidance. The special thickness of the wire gives maximum resistance to this innovative spring unit as it is adjustable for pressure distribution and ergonomic adjustment to body weight is ensured.

    The rate of 260 pcs per m² is maintained.

    • Frame support

    Stainless steel perimeter frame ensuring spring stabilization and the mattress dimension.

    • Foam support plus

    Foamed reinforced density material for border support of the mattress. Special V-shaped notches on the longitudinal sides ensure optimum ventilation of the mattress.

    • Quilted hill jump system

    Quilt process with JUMP system for extremely soft sensation, great rest and aesthetically perfect result achieved by state-of-the-art machines.