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Perla Orthopedic


Categories: Mattresses


  • GRECO STROM - Perla Orthopedic Mattress - Price is for 160x200cm 
  • Available on all sizes please ask us
  • Effective and long-term ANTIBACTERIAL PROTECT treatment helps eliminate pests, since it is applied during the fabric production process of the fiber. This allows its protective effect to remain for as long as the mattress is used - OEKO TEX STANDARD
  • Dacron wad

    White wad with certified hypoallergenic properties from 100% polyester antibacterial fiber. It allows the internal ventilation of the mattress and removes moisture.

    • Bonnell Spring Unit 200B

    Spring unit type BONNELL from specially formulated European antioxidant steel.

    The rate of 116 pcs per m² is maintained.

  • Foam support

    Foamed reinforced density material for border support of the mattress. Special V-shaped notches on the longitudinal sides ensure optimum ventilation of the mattress.